Tremendously Terrific Tips and Tricks Part 1 OneTab

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Gone are the days when we used to open each and every single tab one by one in a web browser. Undeniably, this entire process is extremely time-consuming and becomes messy sometimes. It sometimes even leads to constant problems in managing all your open tabs. And undoubtedly, this needs to be stopped, and to do so; nothing can assist you better than a OneTab extension. If you don’t know, Onetab is an online extension available in the Google Chrome Web Store. Using this Onetab Extension Edge helps you in allowing combining all of your open tabs into one. It even lets its consumers name that particular tab. 

You can re-open them all at one time or simultaneously. Moreover, installing this Onetab Edge extension helps you in saving a lot of time of yours while working. Also, you don’t need to spend time searching for a new tab or juggling between all the open tabs ever again. Suppose you are not a big fan of using Chrome. In that case, you can switch to either Onetab Extension Edge or Onetab for Firefox Onetab extension. In order to find out how to use onetab extension and download and install it, follow the information below. You will also learn what to expect from this extension at the bottom. 


How to Download and Install the OneTab Extension?

Here, you have some relevant steps leading you toward downloading and installing a Onetab Extension on your system. And to know what these steps are that ease your work, stay tuned: 

1. Before you start, you must own a compatible web browser to download extensions on your system. And these are Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox browsers, Opera Mini, etc. 

2. Next, you need to install your downloaded extension on your system. Your work doesn’t stop at installing it, as pinning it to your browser’s toolbar is equally relevant. 

3. Before trying to use this extension, ensure to open at least six tabs on your system. And once you open all those tabs, collectively select all those opened tabs.  

4. Further, click the OneTab icon at the screen's top right corner. Consequently, the OneTab icon will start appearing in a blue-colored upside-down teardrop.  

5. Lastly, you have the option to change its name or leave it the same as it was before. To end the process, you only need to click on the ‘more’ option to lock that group or combination of tabs.  

What to Expect from a OneTab Extension

The Onetab Extension Edge is filled with a lot of benefits besides only adding the open tabs. Hence, if you already have installed and started accessing it on your system, then hold on. As there is a lot more you can do while using it, so let’s get started: 

1. Using this online extension lets its users open all their working websites in separate tabs with a single click. Whether it's Gmail, Google Drive, play store, Pandora, etc.

2. Don’t worry if you accidentally close a tab, as bringing it back is easy. And to make it happen, go back to your open one “One Tab” and then click the link again to make it accessible fast.  

3. Users can even name the by default onetab as per their choice. But before this, you must combine all the open tabs in one place. A few popular names are Boost Start, Morning Goals, and Office Work. Once you name it, lock that group. 

4. When it comes to starting from scratch, either open the tabs individually or at once. Remember that your system must be already turned “ON” before clicking on the OneTab Chrome extension. Next, open the “Titled tab” so all of your tabs can be opened in one go.  

5. Installing this extension will let you arrange your OneTab in different titled OneTab folders. You can name them as per your working schedules, entertainment goals, or other necessary stuff.  

6. Further, you also need to find the group of tabs that you prefer to open. So you only have to click on the ‘restore all’ option to end it.

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