OneTab is the Best Tab Management Extension for Google Chrome

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Working on Google Chrome and juggling between a lot of open tabs and a stuffed display is annoying. Therefore, as a resolution, we all need the best tab management extension for Google Chrome. Having so will help you better manage all your open tabs or URLs by collecting them in one place. So you don’t have to open that link again and again. Everything you need to do is click on the Onetab Chrome extension icon to open any of the stored links you want to access within one click. 

Another factor that raises the need to switch to the Chrome Extension Onetab is the slowdown of Google Chrome due to an increased number of open tabs. Moreover, installing this Chrome Onetab extension tool not only lets you access but also provides you with a number of great features. This One Tab Chrome extension is best suited for people who are involved in research or searching professions such as SEO, Content Development, Subject Matter Expert, etc. Now, let's dig more into Onetab Chrome Extension information. 


How Does the Chrome Extensions Onetab Work?         

This extension tool helps in converting all the open tabs into a single list. So the user can use these tabs by reopening each tab individually. Even users can restore all tabs at once and import or export, or users can share all the tabs like a web page. Moreover, once all the open tabs are converted into one single tab. Then, the Google Chrome web browser will automatically free up memory and will become clutter-free. 

Undoubtedly, this will declutter your workload and save you time. Besides, you can easily install this Onetab Chrome Extension from the Chrome web store or its official one-tab website. Follow the steps below to learn how to install this online extension tool. Once you install this OneTab Extension then, it will show you a small blue funnel-like button. Which you can see on the right-hand side of the URL bar. Remember, clicking that small blue funnel-like button will close all the active tabs on your working window. 

Also, it will open a new tab where you will see all the tabs listed as links. As a result, now it will show you all the actions. For instance, individually opening tabs or opening all the tabs simultaneously, and more. Consequently, it gives you the best way to manage or organize your tabs without keeping them open. Furthermore, to carry onwards, right-click on the OneTab button and choose the option to change the settings as per your requirements. As per the information, installing this Onetab Chrome Extension saves up to 95 percent of your system memory. It is also said that depositing all the open tabs into OneTab helps in decluttering the usage of memory by Google Chrome.


How to Install the Chrome Onetab Extension?

Here is a quick guide to installing the Onetab Chrome Extension tool on your system. But before this, installing and accessing this user-friendly extension was free. Moreover, One-Tab also comes in the form of an app that makes managing things even easier. Now, get started with the process of switching to this smartest tool: 

1. Installing the One-Tab extension will help you clean up and save all your tabs. Therefore, it is relevant to download and install it in order to use it. 

2. You can easily download this One-Tab extension from compatible web browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. 

3. Once you successfully install it on your web browser then, you need to pin it to your browser's toolbar.

4. Now, it's time to examine the One-Tab extension; once you pin it to your browser's toolbar. And the best time to examine is when you have several tabs open.

5. If you have several tabs open on your system, touch the OneTab button to list those open tabs in one place. 

6. Further, whenever you need to re-access the tabs. It is necessary to restore them individually or all simultaneously with one click.   

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