How do I Recover My Tabs from OneTab Extension After its Removal from Chrome

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Days are gone when we used to get scared after losing our saved data on our system. People encounter these situations due to updating their browsers or getting a new computer. And consequently, all our data got lost or disappeared, but don’t worry, as you can still recover them. And to do so, all you need to do is to follow the downward information. Basically, which is provided for the Onetab Chrome extension, but before this, let's have a look at the Chrome Extensions Onetab. 

Therefore, the One Tab extension is an online tool that helps you reduce the load of open tabs by piling them into a single One tab. Furthermore, you need to install this OneTab Extension via a compatible browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. So you can use its cutting-edge decluttering functions that make your work much easier than ever before. So stay tuned to bring out some more clarity regarding the Chrome Onetab. 

What is the Process for Manually Exporting your OneTab Tabs? 

It would work best if you already have a One Tab export. You can create one even if you still have access to your One Tab tabs. Also, you must know how to export your One Tab tabs if you want to use One Tab, even afterward. But the downside is that the One Tab help page doesn’t inform you about the process to export. Therefore, here you have the resolution to solve this problem. So let’s get started:   


1. Begin by clicking on the OneTab Chrome Extension icon. And then, you need to click Export / Import URLs. 

2. Next, copying all the text in the Export URLs section is necessary. 

3. Afterward, either paste it into a Word document, Google Doc, or text file. 

4. If your One Tab has some problem disappearing again and again? Then, you can keep your file safe somewhere. 

What is the Process to Restore Lost Tabs via OneTab Export? 

Before you start, it is essential to export your One Tab tabs manually. And if you don’t know how to do this, follow the below steps: 

1. First and foremost, click the OneTab Chrome extension icon in Chrome.  

2. Next, you need to click Export / Import URLs. And then expand the Import URLs section to proceed further. 

3. Afterward, carry onwards by opening the One Tab export file. 

4. Now, copy and paste all the URLs in the file. And then repeat the same process in the Import URLs section. 

5. Lastly, end the process by clicking on the “Import” tab to restore the lost tabs.

6. Remember, the One Tab backups are not responsible for including any of your tab groups' starred or locked states. 

7. Consequently, you must manually re-lock and re-star all your tab groups. Only when you have restored them. 

How to Restore Deleted One Tab Data from a Computer Backup? 

Restoring Onetab Chrome is useful if you don’t have an export of your One Tab tabs. And at the same time, you really want them back. In this case, you have to resort to restoring to an earlier state from a backup of your computer. If you don’t know, the Chrome Extensions Onetab data lives on your computer’s hard drive. It is similar to all your other files on the computer's hard drive. Thus, restoring to a backup of your computer will result in recovering all of your lost OneTab Chrome tabs. It is necessary not to opt for this option if you fear losing data stored on your computer. So it is better suggested to use this data until or unless you face any difficulty or emergency.

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